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Mobile Medical Technologies (MMT) is the leading Russian project developer in the online consulting field. The company was founded in 2013 and unites software developers and highly qualified specialists practicing in the leading medical institutions of Russia.



We increase access to medical consultations for all inhabitants of Russia, regardless of the user's location.

In 2013 we had the idea to create our own telemedicine project to help young mothers, an accessible and convenient online service, which would work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The "24/7 Pediatrician" remote consultation service began operations in 2014 and was aimed at child health consultations. The service didn’t only give the possibility to conduct consultations over the Internet, but guaranteed a quick response from doctors – the wait for a request for a consultation does not exceed three minutes.

The service also allows patients to make appointments for inline consultations with high-level specialists, with whom this is usually difficult even to make face-to-face appointments. The service devotes a lot of attention to the quality of consultations.

In 2015 the company launched a second remote online consultation service called “Online Doctor”. This is an online clinic, which offers remote consultations with doctors for adults and children. A wide range of doctors participates in this project, as well as specialists from the leading medical institutions of Moscow and St Petersburg.

Since launching, the service has provided more than 100 000 remote consultations.

The MMT team has acquired unique abilities not only in software creation and support, but also in customer service, allowing users to receive services in comfort.


  • 3 minutes – the maximum waiting time for a response from the MMT duty doctor
  • 100 000 remote consultations provided by MMT services
  • Approximately 85% of user requests are decided online
  • More than 200 doctors and 60 medical specialists provide consultations in MMT services
  • 97% of clients are satisfied with conducted consultations
  • 80% of requests come from Russian regions
  • Customer recurrence – 70%
  • More than 35 partnerships with leading insurance companies, including global ones


  • Higher School of Economics Business Incubator “Startup of the Year 2016” prize (by popular vote) – for "24/7 Pediatrician"
  • IRI Prize for the best Internet resource in the field of health in the category of distance medicine – "24/7 Pediatrician"
  • Finalist in the Runet 2016 awards – "Online Doctor"


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Mobile Medical Technologies LLC is a leading Russian developer of online healthcare, telemedicine and smart medicine projects. The company was founded in 2013 and unites software developers, leading medical and preventive institutions in Russia, practicing doctors and related specialists, as well as online projects development specialists.