MMT Pro is a comprehensive solution designed for online consultations between a physician and a patient. We designed the product so that it is simple and easy to administer and to use.
For purchase or advice
  • Submit a request for a consult with a physician on call or a specialized professional (by appointment) through the application system
  • Pay for services using a bank card
  • Get a video, audio or text-format consult
  • Send files through a chat window on the web site
  • View previous consultations
  • Rate the doctors
  • Personal account allowing to view the consults history
  • The role of the on call doctor to take on emergency consultations
  • Plan the consults with the specialized professionals through a web based schedule tool
  • Send the consult assessment report to the patient via e-mail using the web site
  • Control the work of the doctors
  • Assess the quality of the consultations by watching the video recordings
  • Manage financial statements based on the data on the number of consults rendered by each specialist
  • Work both with individual doctors as well as with medical institutions
  • Interact with patients: transactions, consults and feedback analysis
  • Fill the service web site with content
  • Work with the finance module of the system

Available for the following browsers and operating systems

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Android
  • iOS


MMT Pro can be used for a number of various activities where there is a need to set up online conferences in an orderly and controllable way.
Medical institutions:
Remote patient consults for follow-up “visits”
Requests routing
Doctor to doctor consultations
Support Services
Psychological support
Technical support
Online consults with specialists
Making appointments with specially dedicated bank specialists
Clarifications on how to complete paperwork
Professional advice from office or home


To implement the comprehensive solution for online consultations MMT PRO you will need to:
Step 1
Establish requirements for the service together with our technical specialist
Step 2
Appoint an employee to be in charge of the implementation quality control
Step 3
Plan training for employees which will be working with the service
All configuration related works will be performed at Mobile Medical Technologies office, so there are no disruptions or alterations to your operations. Average implementation time: 3 months.


Online consultation service is hosted using Mobile Medical Technologies server capacity, after adjustment and refinement of the MMT Pro integrated solution according to customer's preferences, we guarantee its performance.


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