MMT projects come with a guaranteed quality of services and project team, highly qualified doctors and convenience. Join the service that allows you to get medical help.
Pediatrician 24/7 is a remote medical consultation service devoted to your child's health. The project is supported and mentored by Dr. L.M. Roshal.
The project is supported by Dr. L. M. Roshal acting as mentor of the project
  • Urgent consultation with a physician on duty and appointment booking with a specialist
  • Interpretation of test results
  • Advice on childcare (infants)
  • Online consultations with specialized professionals
  • Valuable advice and recommendations from pediatricians
  • Consultation history and other useful information
Online Doctor is a 24-hour remote medical consultation service, designed for a wide range of patients with various types of health issues
  • The service is available every day of the week including weekends which makes its use highly convenient for the entire population of Russia
  • Patients not only get to speak to a doctor via video call but also to send the results of blood tests or, for example, images from an ultrasound examination
  • Parents can always get a second opinion on a previously established diagnosis or enquire about the peculiarities of drug effects or child care.
My Doctor: doctors, tests is a unique service for Beeline subscribers, with the participation of which you can get the help of qualified specialists without leaving your home, and also sign up for an appointment to the clinic and the medical laboratory
  • In the app “My Doctor: doctors, tests”, round-the-clock online consultations with duty therapists and pediatricians, consultations with narrow specialists, tests interpretation, as well as the opportunity of recording for face-to-face visit to clinic, and medical laboratory are available.
  • The doctor on duty responds to a patient request within 3 minutes. The history of all consultations and attached files are saved in your account.
  • The user can always quickly find the necessary information and take advantage of qualified assistance from more than 180 service specialists from leading medical institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The Rostelecom Health service provides access to online medical consultations from anywhere in the world. Qualified doctors from Moscow and St. Petersburg are always in touch, you can consult with them at any time of the day.
  • Emergency care of a pediatrician or therapist: the doctor on duty will respond within 3 minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Consultations of relevant specialists: if you need recommendation about a specific disease, clarification or confirmation of the diagnosis.
  • Description of analyzes: interpretation of results and detailed conclusion about the status of the body. Consultations with specialists are available in several formats: video, chat or mobile phone call.
Functional capabilities
  • Direct consultations through the service without using third-party applications.
  • Mobile clients for iOS and Android.
  • A 3 minute response from an on call the doctor on duty.
  • Detailed information about each consulting specialist.
  • A feature enabling file sharing during consultation.
  • Consult quality evaluation and review writing features.
  • View the consultations history.
  • SMS notifications about the time of the planned consultations.
  • Notification about the doctor’s assessment report sent to the patient by e-mail.
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