For Corporate Clients
A new level of service for your company. We offer our corporate clients 12 months packages of online consultations through Online Doctor service, enabling their employees to receive prompt medical advice from an office, during a business trip or a holiday. Depending on the number of employees, we will select the optimal tariff plan for your company. Your staff will love our service!
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Online doctor service is

Time saver
Every doctors visit means at least two hours loss. Online consults represent an efficient solution which allows
Availability of consults
Only Online Doctor allows to get a consult when you need it, wherever your employee is
Saving on sick leaves
Due to prompt doctors’ consultations, employees will take action at initial stages of the illness

Disease statistics

  • 40
    increase in disease among colleagues when using home type treatments
  • 50
    of illness related work absences do not involve seeking medical attention
  • 60
    of medical advice can be received online
  • 70
    of ARVI cases among employees during epidemics
Based on statistical data

Online Doctor usage statistics

  • 98
    content clients
  • 93
    will use again
  • 80
    of cases are resolved online entirely
  • 96
    will recommend to friends and colleagues
Based on a survey among MMT company clients
The opportunity to promptly consult a doctor right from the office is the optimal solution to ensure timely treatment of your employees and their performance improvement.


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